Useful update for Maven practitioners

The tutorial has been updated to include relevant information for Maven users. INGENIAS elements can be found under the groupid net.sf.ingenias in Maven Central. The main developer is escalope and the packages ought to be signed. If you know about Maven, you can already use the compoments there. There are archetypes for building INGENIAS projects. The relevant archetypes are:

  • iafarch-empty: it creates an empty project
  • iafarch-gui: it creates a project showing how an agent can interface with a GUI
  • iafarch-helloworld: a basic example of an agent printing hello world
  • iafarch-interaction: a more complex example involving interaction among agents as well as inheritance properties

Sources can be found in sourceforge in The trunk/IDKMaven folder contains the development branch of INGENIAS Development Kit. Tagged versions can be found in the tags branch.