Reference manual for the INGENIAS Agent Framework

The problem with starting a new web in your free time is that you forget the material you had.

There is a reference manual to use when developing with the INGENIAS Agent Framework. You can find it in sourceforge. This manual tells which diagrams you need to build in order to get working. The manual needs to be updated, and I will dedicate time soon for this. Anyway, it is helpful enough to deserve a quick look.

I am currently updating the structure of the project so that it is more stable and requires less time from release to release. By now, you can enjoy more regular updates of the editor. If you follow the maven repository, you will find snapshots versions even more frequently.

My goal is to recover the old developments I have been collecting along the years and migrate to this new structure. They will become the tests for verifying the IAF works as it should. The editor itself is tested separatedly, without regard if what is being modeled is a MAS or not. The IAF needs a different testing, since there is a check of the generated MAS and also a test on the debugging GUI we use.