Tag: video

  • Hello World demo part 1 of 2 (20 Oct 2012 | Tags: video, demo)

    A demo for the hellow world. This demo illustrates how to use INGENIAS to create the Hello World example from scratch.

  • Changes in the editor and archetypes (15 Oct 2012 | Tags: video, training)

    I have finished some videos on INGENIAS. It is the hello world example combined with the latest features: a new script structure which is more reliable than the maven-ant-plugin. This plugin has as a defect that it takes literal references to current jar files stored in .m2 folder. Usually, nothing happens, but, when you are working with snapshots, it is a mess. Also, it tries to download jar files into .m2 without using at all other maven files which tell maven which version to use, for example. As a result, the progran you run with ant (i.e., using the maven-ant-plugin)...